• Children & Teens (This title is not visible)


    Counselling for children and teenagers is different from adult counselling. In particular children need ways other than just words, to express and explore what is troubling them and to develop new ideas and skills. This is why we use art, play and creative activities to engage and work with children.

    As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else, so it is important that we work closely with you in addressing your concerns, and helping your child, whether they are experiencing:

  • Families and Parenting (This title is not visible)


    We are keen to work with your family’s strengths, values and priorities.

    All families are living systems, which naturally change over time as they go through the family life cycle.

    Sometimes families need some extra help with the very real ‘everyday challenges’ and stresses of parenting.

    Some families may be experiencing more significant struggles, we are trained in a range of therapies and will choose the best approach to fit your family.

  • Adults (This title is not visible)


    We are particularly interested in helping Individual Adults and Couples, find their way and thrive.

    We can help with:

    • Relationship & Couple Counselling
    • Trama Recovery
    • EMDR
    • DBT Skills
    • Difficult Life Transitions
    • Regulating Emotions & Moods
    • Managing Stress
    • Professional Burn-Out and Vicarious Trauma