Sara is particularly interested in helping adults struggling with ‘Life Transitions’, to find their way, connect with their strengths and ‘bounce forward’ towards re-generation and greater resilience.

Life Transitions can include:

  • Becoming pregnant and managing related difficulties, choices or social & emotional challenges.
  • Adjusting to new parenthood (including postnatal anxiety/depression)
  • Separation and divorce recovery
  • Dealing with changes and challenges related to menopause and post menopause
  • Responding to significant health or employment issues


Sara can also help with:

  • Overcoming the disabiling effects of  Fear and Anxiety (in all its forms)
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Navigating the journey of Grief & Loss
  • Mindful ways to manage stress
  • Managing Compassion fatigue or Burn-out for full time carers
  • Addressing Professional Burn-Out and Vicarious Trauma in front-line health and educational workers


Trauma Recovery

Sara has extensive experience in working with adult survivors of both recent and childhood trauma or abuse, including survivors with PTSD.

Sara is an Approved Counsellor with NSW Victims of Crime.

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