Bumps in the road

Children are generally quite resilient and adaptive to change, but occasionally big changes or a family crisis can lead to difficulties. This can even happen with children or teens who normally manage life well, and may only effect one child in a family. At these times your child may benefit from counselling to support them.

Bumps-in-the-road that children and teens sometimes face are:

  • Arrival of a new baby in the familydownload (2)
  • Family relocation
  • Death of a family member, close friend or pet
  • Starting pre-school, ‘big’ school or moving onto high school
  • Family separation or divorce
  • Adjusting to having and moving between two homes
  • Adapting to being part of a ‘blended’ family
  • Having a sibling with a disability or special needs
  • Diagnosis of illness in your child or family member

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