Families & Parenting

Sara is keen to work with your family’s strengths, values and priorities.

All families are living systems, which naturally change over time as they go through the family life cycle.

Sometimes families need some extra help with the very real ‘everyday challenges’ and stresses of parenting. At these times families can benefit from ‘Parent Coaching’ to get back on track, learn new strategies and skills so your family can become stronger and more resilient.

Some families may be experiencing more significant struggles, Sara is trained in a range of therapies and can select the best approach to fit your family. Sara offers therapeutic counselling to parents or whole families and is particularly keen to involve Dad’s in the counselling process.

Sara works with carers and parents who would like help to:

Understand and respond your child’s challenging behaviour

Adjust to the challenges of having a new baby and becoming a ‘family’

Develop a closer bond and attachment to your child

Work more closely together as a ‘parenting team’

Learn how to provide ‘reparative parenting’ to a child who has experienced early trauma/abuse

Respond to the family challenges of a child with special needs

Develop confidence and skills in both self-care & advocating for your child

Develop skills in ‘Mindful Parenting’

Manage the challenges of parenting when you are coping with Mental Illness

Respond to the special challenges following family separation or divorce, inlcuding:

  • Rebuilding your sense of family
  • Adjusting to ‘To-And-Fro’ shared parenting
  • Building strong relationships within blended families

Increase family Strength, Connection, Resilience and Harmony

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