Social & Emotional difficulties

It is important to help children experiencing social and emotional difficulties as early as possible, so they can avoid the possibility of developing more serious mental health difficulties as they grow older.

We can work with you, to help your child develop a positive identity and:

  • Gain confidence and social skills in how to make and keep friends
  • Increase ‘Resilience’ to cope with life’s ups and downs
  • Overcome Sadness, Withdrawal or feeling bad about himself/ herself
  • To be less restricted by Fears & Worries and engage more with life
  • Learn how to confidently respond to bullying
  • Discover how to deal with overwhelming or strong feelings
  • Learn how to manage frustration, anger and/or aggression
  • Overcome food issues and learn helpful meal-time routines
  • Step out from the discomforts of shyness
  • Address soiling/ wetting difficulties or challenges with potty training
  • Settle at night and sleep well
  • Reduce feelings of ‘difference’ and feel more connected with others
  • Address self-harming behaviours, thoughts and feelings
  • Work through grief and loss

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